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Rep. Rick Womick at Next Mtg.

Representative Rick Womick will update us on key issues before the Legislature on Feb 10th.

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Rep. Rick Womick to Speak at Feb. 10 Meeting

Rep. Rick Womack Get ready for an inspiring evening as Representative Rick Womick of Rockvale will be the guest speaker at our first meeting of 2015 on February 10th. The meeting will be at our usual location, the School House, Building G at the Ward Ag Center in Lebanon, but will be on Tuesday night instead of Monday to accommodate Rep. Womick's busy schedule.

Rep. Womick spearheaded the legislative effort to repeal Common Core standards and hold Governor Haslam accountable for his political retribution against legislators who opposed his educational policies. Having served in the US Air Force for 23 years as an F-15 fighter pilot, and now a Boeing 737 airline captain, he is not one to back down from a good fight when it is what he believes in.

He holds a bachelors degree in Education, taught public school for two years and coached a high school football team. He has been married to Jan for 29 years and they have four children, two boys and two girls. Tennessee's 34th District elected him as their representative in 2010 and have just re-elected him to serve his third term in the State Legislature.

He will share his insight into the key issues coming before the Legislature this session at our meeting. Please plan to join us for a very informative evening on Tuesday, February 10 at 7:00 pm.

Islamic Teachings are Creeping into our Schools via Common Core

We attended a meeting for the Tennessee Alliance of Tea Party and Liberty groups back in early December. At this meeting various speakers addressed key issues important to conservatives. The most striking presentation was given by an East Tennessee dad who became appalled at what his 7th grade daughter brought home in her school lesson.

The content of the lesson drove him to do a huge amount of research which was presented to various groups in Northeast Tennessee, on talk radio with George West in the Tri-cities area and is now available in an hour-long power point presentation on Youtube. Click here to view.

Although the presentation is long, it clearly shows how new textbooks favor Islamic teachings disproportionately to Christian and Jewish teachings. The texts even show kids how to convert to Islam.

Common Core is only supposed to have impacted math and English thus far, although evidence shows it is already penetrating social studies. Further evidence shows the textbook publisher, Pearson, is heavily funded out of the Middle East and that money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continues to push the Common Core agenda forward.

And to top it off, some of our top Tennessee politicians are not only turning a blind eye but are making an effort to suppress this information from getting into the hands of the public.

This is an excellent piece of work that exposes what is really going on behind the scenes in our kid's education. We have set up a link to the presentation on our videos page so you can come back it if you don't have the time to absorb it all at once.

WCTP Moving to Quarterly Schedule in 2015

Since 2015 is not an election year and we have very busy work schedules the WCTP Board has elected to move to a quarterly schedule for 2015. We plan to hold one meeting each quarter, instead of bi-monthly. Our booth at the Wlson County Fair and our annual dinner will continue as in the past.

Newsletters will also move to a quarterly schedule coming out in January, April, July and October. Legislative updates and special announcements will be sent out as needed.