Wilson County Tea Party

Hal Rounds to Speak May 19th

Our next meeting will feature Hal Rounds as he shares his thoughts on where "Community Planning" is taking us...

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Hal Rounds

Hal Rounds to Talk on Community Planning

Hal Rounds, well known for his "Constitutional Refresher" seminar, will be our guest speaker at the next Wilson County Tea Party meeting, 7:00 pm, on Monday, May 19th at the Schoolhouse, Building G, at the Ward Ag Center in Lebanon. He will talk on community planning and share how it is becoming a precursor to Agenda 21. More on this very interesting discussion will be posted soon.

NEW IRS Regs. Target Conservatives

The IRS has admitted to targeting Tea Party and Conservative groups with harassing questions and delays in 501c(4) non-profit approvals. To correct the problem, the agency now seeks to make these actions legal with new legislation that removes tax exempt status from grass roots organizations that simply share the voting record of elected officials with their constituents amongst other restrictions. Visit http://goo.gl/klPBcw to read an excellent Washington Times article about the far reaching powers they seek with this new legislation.

The IRS is soliciting comments on their proposed new regulations which will effectively kill the ability of Tea Party 501c(4) groups to be involved in the political process. We MUST stop these regulations from being implemented. Time is short as the window for public comment closes on February 27, 2014. Use this link to go to the comments section of the IRS website to leave comments: http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=IRS-2013-0038-0001

Here are some suggested comments from Tea Party Patriots you can copy and paste with your submission:
"As an American citizen and taxpayer, I am appalled by the proposed new rules (IRS REG-134417-13) that would codify the discriminatory and unconstitutional targeting of conservative 501(c)4 organizations that has occurred over the last three to four years. The IRS itself has admitted that targeting occurred, and the Inspector General corroborated this in his report. Now, under the guise of "fixing" what was broken, the agency seeks to make its illegal activities, legal. As a voter and a citizen, under these new rules, I will no longer be allowed to simply tell my fellow Americans how our elected representative voted, i.e. how well the representative represented them, if I am a part of a 501(c)4."

If you want even more in depth coverage of the issue, visit the TaxProf Blog here: http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2014/01/the-irs-scandal-10.html

Lessons on Liberty: Important State Legislation

by Menda Holmes, Chairman
This year's legislative session promises to be one of the most exciting and is gearing up to be a showdown between concerned citizens and special interest groups. One of the hottest issues is Common Core Standards which are nationalized educational standards that are in violation of the U. S. and Tennessee Constitutions. This is because educational powers are are reserved for the states and their citizens. Once in place, Common Core cannot be changed by state legislatures or school boards. Pro Common Core special interest groups have already given tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Education Committee members in the Tennessee General Assembly. That's why it's critical that we the people make our voices heard at the Capitol now!

Our own Mark Pody and Mae Beavers are sponsoring legislation that will protect Tennesseans from the devastating effects of Obama Care by prohibiting any state cooperation in implementing or administering it. Lawmakers in other states are also sponsoring similar legislation. If enough states enact protective legislation, it could very well be the end of Obama's radical healthcare takeover.

There will also be a number of key annexation bills being sponsored this session. We need to support bills that deal with annexation by referendum only.

SB 1266 by Frank Nicely and HB1129 by Timothy Hill are also a very high priority. This legislation requires that schools emphasize America's and Tennessee's founding documents and principles. It would also require that students be taught how the nature of Tennessee and America make them exceptional in the world.

Of course, there are many more important pieces of legislation being considered. So, let's get involved and take action now because time is of the essence, since the length of the session is being further compressed this year. Remember, "we are here for such a time as this." Esther 4:14.