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February 2013 Newsletter

Our new web site is up and our next meeting is set for Feb. 25 at the Wilson County Ag. Center with David Fowler speaking on Natural Law and the Constitution.

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Lessons on Liberty

Menda Holmes, Chairman

America is the freest, most prosperous nation the world has ever known. Our founders knew that a limited government working for the people was the only way to real freedom. That's why they put safeguards in place like the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

"Amendment X
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

We are very blessed to live in a conservative state like Tennessee. Because of the Republican super-majority in the House and the Senate, we have the opportunity to enact legislation that will protect us from an over-reaching federal government.

A good example of this legislation is HB0042 sponsored by Representative Joe Carr, designed to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. To quote Representative Carr, "... this most blatant assault on the 2nd Amendment by the Obama Administration is a systematic effort to disarm the law biding citizens of the United States. The 2nd Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights which was intended to protect the individual and the states from the tyranny of government."

Carr also said, "The 2nd Amendment is not meant just for hunters, it specifically states that 'A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed', therefore, the Federal government shall not through law or executive order infringe upon our Constitutional-given rights as citizens of the United States and the Great State of Tennessee."

Our Declaration of Independence states that our rights as individuals come from God, not government. Therefore, government cannot take these rights away from us.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

That's why America is the freest, most prosperous nation the world has ever known.

Another important set of bills include HB0535 by Representative Mark Pody and SB0672 by Senator Mae Beavers. This annexation legislation, as introduced, requires a majority of property owners, whose property shall be affected by a proposed amendment to an urban growth plan, to be entitled to vote on whether such an amendment can become effective. This type of legislation is vital to protect our property rights as individuals.

Other important bills to support are HB0534 by Representative Mark Pody and SB0802 by Senator Mae Beavers. This higher education legislation protects the religious liberty of college students. Senator Beavers has also introduced SB0796 which protects Tennesseans from unwarranted surveillance.

Wilson County is blessed with legislators like Mark Pody and Mae Beavers who support our individual liberties and the legislation that protects and strengthens them. We have the opportunity to assist in this process. So let's stand up for freedom and encourage our legislators by providing the support they need to advance their bills.

Let's encourage our friends and family in other Tennessee districts to contact their legislators about these and other important bills. This is critical to help enact the conservative legislation that will protect Tennessee from an out-of-control federal government. And, if we all work together we can and will make a difference!

Wilson County Tea Party.com

The Wilson County Tea Party web site has been completely rebuilt with a new logo and lots of new features. It will become the primary hub of communications for the organization replacing much of the content formerly found in the newsletter. The newsletter will continue, but will be brief compared to the previous version. It will summarize and link to updates on the web site and provide notification of upcoming events.

The new logo was chosen for several reasons. We feel a new look is important to reflect the changes in the organization that are underway. The eagle represents the strength of individuals, working collectively, to overcome the mountainous obstacles an over-reaching Federal Government has set before us. The flag in the background signifies that we are all patriots, we love our country and we stand behind the constitution which clearly defines how we shall be governed.

Ever wondered about the actual wording of a particular Article or Amendment to the Constitution? Simply bookmark wilsoncountyteaparty.com in your computer, tablet or smart phone and you will have the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Amendments 11-27, the Declaration of Independence and the Tennessee State Constitution right at your fingertips. As we delve into the issues we will link to the specific Articles and Sections that apply.

An important new feature we have added is the interactive blog page. It allows you to post comments on specific issues so that others can learn about your point of view. The current posts open for discussion include:

Obamacare to Cost a Family of Four $20,000 by 2016 or fine them $2,400 for not participating.
HB 0042 - Rep. Joe Carr's Bill making it a misdemeanor for federal agents to infringe upon our Second Amendment Rights.
Top Ten Bills proposed by the Alliance of Tea Party and Liberty Alliance Groups in Tennessee.

Please visit these important issues and share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

If you have a particular bill or issue that you would like to have posted for comment, please elaborate on it in an email to mediaeditor@wilsoncountyteaparty.com. Be advised that all postings and comments will be reviewed to ensure that quality of content is maintained throughout the site. As such, there may be a short lag before your input goes live.

The calendar page lists our meeting schedule, educational sessions and other local events of interest to Wilson County Tea Party members. If you have an event you feel would be of interest to the organization, please let us know and we'll post it on the calendar.

Here are two important events coming up:
February 25 - Next Wilson County Tea Party meeting with guest speaker David Fowler. 7:00 PM at the Ward Ag. Center in Lebanon, School House building.
March 16 - Constitutional Refresher Seminar taught by Hal Rounds. An all day event starting at 9:00 AM at the Ward Ag. Center in Lebanon, Log Cabin building.

We are building a collection of videos that support conservative thought and constitutional principles with You-Tube links on the Videos page. Check out Dinesh DSouza's explanation of socialism using Obama, a gun and a sandwich as a metaphor. If you have a favorite video that supports conservative thought constructively, please email the link to mediaeditor@wilsoncountyteaparty.com for consideration.

Building a quality web site takes time. We have been able to post content to most of the pages although a few of them are still quite brief. We ask for your patience as continue to add content as time and resources allow.

Rebuilding the WCTP Email List

During the organizational transition, the old Wilson County Tea Party email list was lost when the previous account was shut down. We have received a good response from folks wanting to stay informed and have started to rebuild the list but we need your help. If you know of anyone who is interested in keeping up with the Wilson County Tea Party, please ask them to go to our website and click on the Subscribe link under Newsletter. Simply enter name and email address and we will add them to our distribution list.

Another quick way to get the word out is to forward this newsletter to those in your address book whom you feel may be interested in Wilson County Tea Party meetings and activities.


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