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March 2013 Newsletter

WCTP Chairman Menda Holmes will be a guest on "Be The People" hosted by Dr. Carol Swain. The show airs this Sunday, March 10 at 11:30 PM on Nashville's Channel 4.

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Be The People Set

Lessons on Liberty

Menda Holmes, Chairman

We just witnessed a victory for perseverence. Rand Paul demonstrated a commitment to our liberty by filibustering on the floor of the U.S. Senate until we got a clear answer on Obama's domestic drone policy. Our Tennessee legislators who have joined the 10th Amendment Caucus are demonstrating a similar level of commitment.

The 10th Amendment Caucus is focused on promoting, maintaining and defending the God-given constitutional right of Tennessee's state sovereignty, as established in the 10th Amendment. The Caucus strongly believes that our Founders established the 10th Amendment so that sovereign states could resist an over reaching Federal government. Click here to see which legislators are taking a stand for Tennessee.

We have the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to liberty by supporting them. We can get involved by going to the 10th Amendment Caucus.org and volunteering to help out.

There is a great new conservative talk show on Nashville's Channel 4 called "Be The People". It is hosted by Dr. Carol Swain, a Professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University. This Sunday, March 10th, I will be a guest on the show. We will be discussing the Boy Scouts' commitment to Judeo-Christian values and their response to the homosexual agenda. Hugh Travis of the Boy Scouts of America and Larry Crane of the Church Law Institute join the discussion.

So tune in this Sunday night at 11:30 PM and learn how "We the People" can be the people. Be sure to set your DVR if the show comes on after you turn in. If you do miss it, check out our Videos page next week where we will have YouTube excerpts from the show posted.

Dr. Carol Swain has graciously accepted our invitation to speak at the next Wilson County Tea Party meeting on Monday, April 22, 7:00 PM at the Ward Ag Center in Lebanon. Mark your calendars and join us for what promises to be a very interesting evening.

Constitutional Refresher Seminar

On Saturday, March 16th we will host a Constitutional Refresher seminar at the Ward Ag Center in the Log Cabin building. The class will be taught by Hal Rounds, an attorney who specializes in constitutional law. We posted some of his work after he analyzed Senator Mae Beavers 2nd Amendment Rights Bill SB0250 showing the bill is more about exercising the 10th Amendment than the 2nd Amendment.

The seminar starts at 9:00 AM and consists of five sessions that last about an hour each. There will be a break for lunch and a break between each session. Things should wrap up sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. Come on out and join us to learn more about the powers of the Constitution that are granted to the states and to us as individuals. Click here to sign up.

The Power of One

Howard Holmes, Media Editor

Living in a society of over 300 million people often leaves one with the helpless feeling that, as individuals, we are powerless when it comes to making a difference within our political system. We see an over reaching federal government exercising its power outside of the boundaries granted to it by the constitution. Spending is out of control. Class warfare tactics are used to divide us in an effort to extract more tax revenue. And now we have sequestration as a result of White House's inability to work with Congress. The list goes on and on painting a rather disparaging picture. It's no wonder many feel helpless as we see this happening all around us.

Granted, problems at the federal level are incredibly complex. But, before we let ourselves get too discouraged, let's turn our focus state side. We have a Republican super majority in the House and the Senate and we have a Republican Governor. However, not all of these players are true conservatives. This is where we as individuals can make a difference by engaging our right to be heard in the legislative process.

Case in point - The Health care Compact Bill and Senator Mae Beavers 2nd Amendment Rights Bill SB0250 both failed to clear committee with a TIE vote during these last couple of weeks. Some Republicans voted in favor and other Republicans voted against these bills. All it would have taken is one of the noes to become an aye and the bills would have moved forward to be debated on the floor.

The Wilson County Tea Party sent out Call to Action emails explaining the importance of the bills and provided committee member contact information. Some people responded, but not enough. Think about it - if your email or telephone call would have helped to change the no vote of just one committee member - it would have made a big difference.

If those bills had cleared committee we would be one step closer to having a viable alternative to Obama Care and a state wide shield of protection around our 2nd Amendment rights restricting federal agent gun confiscation. Do not underestimate the "power of one". Get involved, step out and make a difference. Follow Senator Rand Paul's example!

Rebuilding the WCTP Email List

During the organizational transition, the old Wilson County Tea Party email list was lost when the previous account was shut down. We have received a good response from folks wanting to stay informed and have started to rebuild the list but we need your help. If you know of anyone who is interested in keeping up with the Wilson County Tea Party, please ask them to go to our website and click on the Subscribe link under Newsletter in the right hand column. Simply enter name and email address and they will be added after responding to a confirmation email.

Another quick way to get the word out is to forward this newsletter to those in your address book whom you feel may be interested in Wilson County Tea Party meetings and activities.