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July 2013 Newsletter

Stop by our booth when you come visit the Wilson County Fair August 16-24.

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Wilson County Fair

The Wilson County Fair

Known to be the largest County Fair venue in the state, the Wilson County Fair runs from August 16-24 at the Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon. Please stop by our booth in the Turner Evans building when you visit. We will have good information on a number of key issues that are important to conservatives and we welcome your viewpoint. If you have a spare afternoon or evening, please consider helping out at the booth. Contact us if you would like to get involved.

Because the Fair falls in August we will not have a meeting that month. WCTP meetings will resume in September with a presentation on Common Core Curriculum.

Lessons on Liberty - Election Integrity

Menda Holmes, Chairman

The 2014 elections will be critical. With the country being almost equally divided along ideological lines, election integrity is more important than ever. During the last election in 2012 it is interesting to note that, along with other conservative groups, Obama's IRS targeted and harrassed "True to Vote", an organization that works to ensure election integrity.

The Left always argues that voter ID laws reduce voter turnout. The evidence suggests otherwise. Voter ID not only prevents fradulent votes, it also does not decrease voter turnout. Voter identification is easy for anyone to obtain and there is no evidence that voter ID requirements have a disparate impact on minorities, the poor, the elderly or uneducated voters.

Numerous studies have proven this to be true. A report by the University of Missouri showed that after the voter ID law went into effect, voter turnout actually increased by two percentage points in Indiana in 2006. The report also showed that voter turnout did not decrease in areas with high percentages of minority, low income or elderly voters.

A Heritage Foundation study from September 2007, based on 2004 election data for all states, found that voter ID laws did not reduce voter turnout, including minorities. The study found that voters were just as likely to vote in states that require voter ID as in states that did not require verification.

Despite massive challenges from the Left, a voter ID law was upheld in Pennsylvania in 2012. The Obama administration filed a lawsuit against Florida for its efforts to remove non-citizens from the voting roster. They also took action against Texas and South Carolina over voter ID laws.

What can we do to combat voter fraud? We can support Judicial Watch which is a legal organization that works to expose political corruption and is a long time suporter of voter ID laws. We can also volunteer to be poll watchers during the primary and general elections.

Above all, we must support canditates who stand up for conservative values. We must also help to educate voters, especially in those areas where elections are expected to be close. It is never too early to get started and 2014 will be here before we know it.

Executive Suspension of Statute Enforcement

Earlier this month, President Obama suspended the employer mandate for larger businesses to comply with the "Affordable Care Act," aka Obama Care, by a year. While this postponement may be a welcome, although temporary, relief to businesses it points to a deeper, more sinister problem: the executive branch of government is operating outside the boundary of power granted to it by the Constitution.

Article II, Section 3, of the Constitution states that the president "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed" making this a duty, not a discretionary power. Although the president is allowed latitude on how to enforce a law, he does not have the power to choose whether or not to do so. The Framers of the Constitution understood this risk and made faithful enforcement of law a constitutional duty based on what they had learned from King James II's abuse of perogative which had led to the Glorious Revolution a hundred years earlier.

Manipulating enforcement of statutes can create a cascading series of undesirable events. In this case, businesses were granted a reprieve from having to comply with Obama Care, but not individuals. Why are individuals being discriminated against? Simply because the Congress passed such a convoluted mess of legislation before reading it only to find they were incapable of implementing it in a timely fashion. If so, why should individuals bear the brunt of this poor decision making?

Congress, recognizing this disparity, has passed legislation to suspend Obama Care compliance for individuals and busunesses equally. The bill must still clear the Senate but the White House threatens to veto it creating a conundrum for Obama - vetoing what he has already approved.

Other instances of selective enforcement have surfaced within the Obama administration although not quite as glaring as this. For example, deportation proceedings against some 800,000 illegal immigrants simply evaporated back in 2012 as long as they were under the age of 16, had been here for at least five years and met certain other criteria. This occurred right after Congress voted not to enact the Dream Act. Obama defended his action as "procecutorial discretion."

On the educational front, Obama replaced the congressional requirements for states to comply with the No Child Left Behind Act by issuung waivers if those states would adopt Common Core Curriculum. (More on this at our September 23rd meeting) He justified this action by referencing part of the statute that allowed for certain requirements to be waived.

The Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel advises the president on legal and constitutional issues. They support the right of the president to decline enforcement of laws he believes to be unconstitutional. However, they insist that the president has no authority to refuse enforcement of a statute that he disagrees with as an issue of policy.

Selective enforcement by the executive branch sets a dangerous precedent. What will happen with immigration reform? Will amnesty be granted while provisions for securing the border are simply overlooked? What about gay marriage? Will state laws defining marriage between a man and a woman simply be ignored at the federal level?

Pandora's box has been opened. If this abuse of power is not put in check for this president, what precedent will it set for future holders of the highest office in the land?

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