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August 2013 Newsletter

Congratulations to Beverly Britton for winning our Constitutional Kindle drawing at the Wilson County Fair.

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Constitutional Kindle

And the Winner is...

Congratulations to Beverly Britton of Lebanon for winning the Constitutional Kindle drawing we held at the Wilson County Fair. Beverly works at L&W Engineering in Lebanon and said both she and her daughter look forward to using the Kindle.

We would like to thank all of you that participated in the drawing and appreciate the hundreds of folks that stopped by our booth and shared their thoughts and concerns about the direction this country is heading.

According to the Lebanon Democrat, attendance records at the Wilson County Fair beat the 2011 record by over eight percent. The old 2011 record was 545,000 but this year 590,000 walked through the gates of the Ward Ag Center between August 16-24. A new all-time record was also set for a single day attendance on Saturday August 24 at 124,000. Needless to say, it was a busy place.

Fortunately, we had help keeping up with the crowd from some great folks that volunteered their time at our booth. We would like to extend a special thank you to Billy Goodman, John Haley, Brenda Causey, Hal Rounds, Ken Mararro, Nancy Cleveland, Jane Hollis, Vicki Weuncher, Joy Beard, Katherine Hudgins, Gordon Borck and Andy Barnett for helping out. Exceptional kudos go out to Mary Stimek for producing 80 of our most popular buttons after we sold out. She made them while manning a couple of other booths at the fair.

We would also like to thank all of you that bought a button, a light pen or a Constitution. Your donations all added up to just cover our booth expenses, including the Kindle, and we came away with a mailing list more than five times larger than when we started.

Commom Core Standards at Our Next Meeting

On Monday, September 23, Katherine Hudgins, Director of the 9.12 Project in Rutherford County, will speak about the Common Core Standards that are just starting to penetrate our schools. On the surface, these federally mandated standards may appear to be an improvement over Tennessee's current standards in math and English in some regards.

However, closer examination reveals how federal money has lured states into accepting these standards before they were completed, how data mining will extract information from our kids that can be shared with other federal agencies and how the big companies that have lobbied for the program will stand to make millions off of the sale of computer hardware, software and testing systems. New Science standards, released just this week, promote man-made climate change as proven fact in the minds of our kids - and this is just the beginning...

Come to the School House, Building G, at 7:00 PM on September 23 to hear Katherine Hudgins' compelling discussion of why we need to stop the proliferation of Common Core Standards and what we, as concerned citizens and parents, can do about it.

On October 11 we will host a fund raising dinner for the Wilson County Tea Party in the Education Building at the Ward Ag Center. We are finalizing arrangements for some great speakers so please put 6:00 PM, Friday, October 11 on your calendar and plan to attend. Tickets will be available at our September 23rd meeting and at the door. Click here to make your reservation.

Looking ahead, on Saturday, November 9, 2013 we will be hosting a full day training seminar presented by the Center for Self Governance in the Schoolhouse (Building G) at the Ward Ag Center. This Level 1 course is designed to introduce the concepts surrounding self governance, civic authority and bring everyone up to a common level of knowledge regarding our role in exercising our civic responsibilities and authority. The course is foundational and will lay the ground work necessary to successfully implement the lessons learned in future courses.

WCTP Website Updates

Bookstore for Conservatives Check out our new Bookstore for Conservatives on the Wilson County Tea Party web site for a great selection of best selling and historical books on constututional principles and conservative thought. The bookstore works through Amazon's Associates program so every time you make a purchase a small commission is automatically donated to the Wilson County Tea Party. If you know of other conservative minded books not listed, please let us know and we'll add them to the book store if available on Amazon.

As an advocate for transparancy in government, especially local government, we have started posting the minutes of Wilson County Commissioner and Committee meetings on the Local Issues page of our web site. The proposed budget, which was just passed on August 26, is also posted in summary and full detail. We will continue to update this page with current commissioner and committee minutes and reports as they become available so you will have a reliable source of information about Wilson County government activities.

Lessons on Liberty - Can Obama Care be Stopped?

Menda Holmes, Chairman

We talked to hundreds of people who visited our booth at the Wilson County fair. Their biggest concern was the pending impact of Obama Care. People are frustrated, concerned and some are downright angry at what the federal government is trying to do with our healthcare system in this country. One gentleman, who worked for a surgical supply company said his firm laid off 600 people when the increased tax on medical supplies was announced. Another lady, who's husband works for UPS, said her health insurance was going to be dropped by her husband's employer. Still others shared stories about employers cutting back work hours to skate under Obama Care minimums. People are not happy.

There is a way to stop Obama Care, but it must be done in a critical window of time between now and October 1st. That's because October 1st is the beginning of the fiscal year and Congress and the President must pass bills to fund the entire government by that date. All that the House and Senate need to do is to pass a Continuing Resolution, i.e. spending bill, that funds the entire government except for Obama Care.

So, in reality, there is no need for a government shutdown. Defunding Obamacare would allow the House and Senate to separate Obama Care from regular government functions by preventing taxpayer funds from being spent on implementing and enforcing it. This, in turn, would protect Americans from loosing their current healthcare coverage and being forced into the Obama Care health insurance exchanges.

Great courage will be required from the Republicans because President Obama and the Democrats will accuse them of trying to shut down the government by giving the President a bill he will veto. However, if President Obama chooses to shut down the entire government instead of just Obama Care, that will be his decision, not the Republicans. The Republicans must stand firm and defund this monstrosity that is already causing many Americans to loose coverage and work hours. For those that retain coverage, health insurance premiums are already increasing.

For example, UPS recently announced they will be decreasing health care coverage for spouses of employees as will the University of Virginia. Even the Teamster's Union President has expressed concern over the dangers of Obama Care. The program also makes it more difficult for senior citizens to get health care.

What can we do? For starters, we encourage you to go to DontFundObamaCare.com and sign the petition to defund Obamacare. Over 900,000 freedom loving Americans have signed the petition, more than half in the last 10 days. A million signatures are needed to send a clear message to Washington that WE THE PEOPLE want Obama Care defunded.

While on the petition website, scroll down the page to see where each Senator stands. Call both Senator Alexander and Senator Corker and request they vote to defund Obamacare. When you call, beware of confusing tactics. If they say they support specific bills to defund Obamacare it won't help because those bills will not be considered and do not have to pass. They must OPPOSE the Continuing Resolution if it FUNDS Obamacare.

The Continuing Resolution must be passed before Oct 1st WITHOUT funding for Obama Care. It is the only way to stop it.

2014 U.S. Senate Race - What are we going to do about Lamar?

Second only to the fair visitors' serious concerns about Obama Care, the most frequently asked question was, "What are we going to do about Lamar?" Most folks are aware of his liberal voting record and are looking for an alternative candidate but do not want to risk loosing a critical Senate seat should that candidate not be able to beat a democratic challenger in the General election.

Senator Alexander has amassed a very large financial war chest aimed at thwarting the attempts of any challenger trying to beat him in the Primary election. The only chance to unseat him in the Primary lies in conservative groups and supporters banding together to unite behind a single candidate so that the conservative vote does not become fragmented. The Coalition for a Constitutional Senate has been formed to step up to this challenge.

In their words,"The Coalition for a Constitutional Senate is dedicated to unifying all the Tea Party, 9.12, liberty, Constitution and patriot groups in Tennessee behind a single, Constitution-to-the-core, liberty-loving challenger to Lamar Alexander in the 2014 Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.

We will thoroughly vet all potential challengers, require them to complete a comprehensive policy questionnaire, host a vetting forum and then meet together as a group to seek consensus on who The Coalition for a Constitutional Senate should support."

Leaders of the various Tea Party, 9.12, liberty, constitution and patriot groups from around the state will be meeting this Saturday, August 31 to begin the vetting process which is expected to take about 30 days. It will conclude with a concensus of support for a single candidate, tentatively, at a September 29th meeting of the members of the coalition.

We need your help to determine a consensus candidate for the Wilson County Tea Party to recommend to the coalition. Click here to view the list of potential challengers and send us your thoughts through the contact page on the WCTP website. We'll compile the results and share them at our September 23rd meeting.

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