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December 2013 Newsletter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

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Common Core Incentive

WCTP 2013

Taking the helm of the Wilson County Tea Party has been both challenging and rewarding for us this year. Looking back over the last 12 months of time, we share some of the highlights of the year in rhyme:

After accepting the challenge from our State Rep,
we realized being Tea Party leaders would take some prep.

So we headed to Crossville for our indoctrination,
delivered by Publius Huldah discussing nullification.

Knowing there was much more to this than just proclaiming defiance,
we spent a full Saturday learning about legislation supported by the TN Alliance.

In February our speaker was David Fowler who shared why he was torn,
over the way the laws in our state did little to protect the unborn.

This was followed by a history lesson on the Revolution,
as Hal Rounds delivered his Refresher Course on the Constitution.

In April Dr. Carol Swain spoke to those who wanted to know,
what it really took to deliver her "Be The People" show.

In June Ben Cunningham told the story of the income tax war,
and shared his thoughts on what it would take to beat Lamar.

We talked to hundreds of folks who let us know they really care,
and bumped up our email list by raffling off a Kindle at the Wilson County Fair.

In September Brenda Causey unpacked the gnarly roots of Common Core,
right after a Senate Hearing had been held to teach our legislators more.

Our dinner in October was the biggest hit of the year by far,
as we heard from Sen. Mae Beavers, Rep. Mark Pody and US Senate candidate Joe Carr.

We wrapped things up with the TCSG's Self Governance Class - Level 1,
and hope to complete Levels 2-5 before all is said and done.

Challenges abound all across our land,
and the only way to make a difference is to take a stand.

This may just be an email or phone call on those issues that you care,
or putting the right candidate in office when the need is there.

For those who want to make a difference 2014 will be a test,
as we will all have to work together to achieve our very best.

Here's a Way to Get Started...

As most of you know Joe Carr is running against Lamar Alexander for the U.S. Senate seat. Similar races are happening in Kentucky, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Mississippi and elsewhere where long time establishment Republicans are being challenged by new Conservative candidates. National organizations such as the Senate Conservatives Fund raise money to support these new Conservatives. Please fill out the questionnaire at this link: https://www.research.net/s/FQ58RT2 and encourage the Senate Conservatives Fund to support Joe Carr!

Freedom Works is another organization that is supporting conservative candidates. They currently are asking their membership to get involved by submitting names of those individuals who would be good candidates to run for the U.S. Senate. Please go to: http://www.freedomworksforamerica.org/ and fill out the brief : "WHO'S YOUR CANDIDATE?" survey with Joe Carr's name and website which is http://www.CarrforTN.com

Kevin Kookogey to Speak at January 27th Meeting

With the busy holiday season upon us, the Wilson County Tea Party will not be hosting a meeting in December. Looking ahead, Kevin Kookogey will be our speaker when we reconvene on January 27, 2014 in the School House (Building G) at the Ward Ag Center in Lebanon.

Kevin Kookogey Following the unexpected May 2013 admission by Lois Lerner that the IRS was targeting conservative groups according to their political views, Kevin Kookogey has risen to national prominence for his principled and articulate defense of ordered liberty. As President & Founder of Linchpins of Liberty: An American Leadership Development Enterprise, Mr. Kookogey was the first IRS target to testify before the House Ways & Means Committee regarding how the IRS unlawfully delayed and obstructed his application for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Linchpins of Liberty, an educational organization, filed its application for tax-exempt-status in January 2011 and has yet to be granted its letter of determination. Linchpins of Liberty has filed a lawsuit against the IRS and is represented in that matter by Jay Sekulow and the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ).

Prior to his fight against the IRS, Kevin Kookogey spent more than two decades as an entertainment lawyer and music industry executive. But with the responsibility of raising and homeschooling six (6) children in an age of creeping socialism and intellectual neglect, Mr. Kookogey began teaching on the topics of conservative thought, the principles of ordered liberty, and Western Civilization. Mr. Kookogey is actively involved in his local community in Williamson County, Tennessee. He is immediate past-Chair of the Williamson County Republican Party.

On Monday, January 27, 2014 he will share his story. Mr. Kookogey is an excellent speaker as we can attest to after hearing him first hand in Knoxville this past November. Mark your calendars now because this promises to be one interesting evening. Please plan to join us at 7:00 pm.

Heads Up for 2014

Besides 2014 being a mid-term election year with the GOP primary showdown between Senator Lamar Alexander and Representative Joe Carr, there will lots of issues to keep up with here in Wilson County.

At the local level there are two convention buildings being proposed in the Lebanon area. One is in the new Cumberland Center area under development near South Cumberland Street and I-40 and the other is slated for the Ward Ag Center. Click here to see a recent article in the Tennessee Watchdog that raises some good questions about why should two major facilities be planned for construction only a couple of miles from each other especially when an increase in hotel/motel taxes will be needed to fund one of the projects. A Facebook page has been set up at facebook.com/WilsonCountyTnTaxpayersCoalition to keep folks informed on this issue.

At the state level, the Annexation Reform Bill will be debated vigorously between the TML (Tennessee Municipal League) and citizens who want to say in whether or not their property becomes annexed into municipalities. Tennessee is only one of three states in the country that does not put annexation proposals to a referendum vote of the citizens directly affected. Follow this issue at facebook.com/#!/TennesseansAgainstForcedAnnexation

Common Core Standards are pushing their way into our Public School System driven by Federal grant money and waivers from the Race to the Top (RTTP) program. Students, parents and some teachers are pushing back against this Federally mandated program. Several other states have opted out of some parts of Common Core but only through acts of their Legislatures. The Tennessee legislature will have to act on Common Core this session if any reprieve is to be secured for our state.

Obama Care and immigration will continue to be contentious issues at the Federal Level along with trying to uncover the truth behind the many scandals that have permeated the current administration; Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting Conservatives, etc.

The Wilson Couty Tea Party will do its best to keep you informed of upcoming legislation on issues of importance to conservatives. If any you would like to get involved by keeping up with issues at the either the local, state or federal level please let us know. We could sure use the help.

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